12/19/17 My 2017 Recap

The first month of 2017 I was sitting on my couch in South DBH, worried that I'd never be able to walk correctly again. I had my knee repaired, and went through a few months of physical therapy. I picked up painting a little bit while I was on leave, I beat a few games, did some podcasts with other people. Before the end of that month, I would begin Comedy Night at CBW.

In February, I hit a milestone age and turned 30. A few days before returning from my knee injury, I was able to take a few day trip to Chicago/Illinois and help Bryan D start their move back. When we returned I was met with the surprise of a Bob Ross themed surprise birthday party with my close friends and family. My wife had planned it, and it was perfect. 

A few months later we moved the biweekly open mic to weekly. We wanted to keep the show fresh, so after a month or so of running just an open mic we decided to introduce a secondary show that was different. We started doing "Interruption Shows" where myself and Bryan D ask questions to the comics and try to riff with them a little bit. 

We were able to continue to grow and begin a Saturday Showcase show, where we bring comics out on Saturday to perform for people who have no idea they're going to be at a comedy show. It's a lot of fun and it's been great to be able to facilitate so many nights of laughs and fun. 

The show wasn't the only thing that happened this year. I was able to take many adventures with my wife and relive my teenage years all over again by seeing all of my favorite bands since I was in 9th grade. We took a trip to visit in Indiana for a few. We took a trip to Chicago to go see Rammstein. We saw Metallica at Comerica Park. We saw Korn at DTE. We also saw Dropkick Murphys and Rancid. Froggy Fresh. 

I didn't get a chance to make it to many "big name comics" this year, but I did get to see Joey Diaz at a really cool venue in Ferndale. 

This year also marked my move professionally. I had worked my way up to becoming a trainer within my company, and from there learned of a team where they were creating video games for training purposes and I knew where I wanted to be. After a few months and some convincing, I made my way to this new emerging team where we have since created public facing games to help with marketing, games for training and have worked on creating a few other things. 

If you haven't listened to my podcast or aren't tired of hearing me say it, I found out a few months ago that my wife is pregnant with our first child! This has been a whole new experience and level of stress and anxiety, but mostly just worrying about the climate of the world we live in. I'm not worried about my ability to take care of a child or that I'll be a good Dad. Already better than my Dad! (When he found out my mom was pregnant, he gave her 200 dollars to get an abortion). But in all honesty, I'm very excited to be a Dad and can't wait to hold and protect Ember Giselle. It's crazy because she isn't even here yet, but I know she means more to me than anything I could accomplish.  

I think the final thing I should touch on is the podcast. I've had a great 2017, and I'm literally just getting started with this podcast. I'm excited to have a new outlet, and have one that feels familiar and is a lot of fun. It's helped me reconnect with some people, and even make new friends. I'm glad that this year has been so productive and I've been able to accomplish some of the things i have, and I look forward to keeping my forward momentum going in 2018. 

Bryan Harrison