First blog post on the new site! 8/7/2017

Thanks for coming by the website! It's still under construction at the moment, but soon this will be a joyous page for my podcast, Moist Definitely. I hope to get episodes up as soon as next week for this. I plan on recording regularly and pushing out content as much as I can, which may also include non-standard podcast ideas we'll do. 

My name is Bryan Harrison. Former podcaster, turned into stand up, returning to podcasting while continuing to do stand up. For someone who is pretty quiet, I enjoy talking a lot. I like to make people laugh. I also like making myself laugh. Currently I host a show at a local brewery in Canton, MI, at Canton Brew Works. We started the show 7 months ago, and it's been a consistently awesome room to perform in, or so I'm told by the people who come through. (Check out Comedy Night at CBW on Facebook!) 

I have to imagine I'll have a "cast" of regulars that does the podcast with me, but for the most part, I plan on being the main host of the podcast, allowing me to experiment with it more and do some fun things. I hope to eventually be able to host an episode or two from CBW, and possibly make that it's own show at a future date. 

For projects and things I'm going to post about here, I'm going to keep it pretty simple. I'll probably blog about doing comedy, the comedy night in general, my gardening/farming and the podcast. Aside from my home life, these are the things that are important to me and drive me. The thing I won't do is limit what I put up here or anywhere. If I feel a need to share or type an article, I'm going to post it. Even if it seems out of left field or out of no where. I feel like since I started doing comedy it's different, I don't rant how I used too. But hey, I guess we'll see. In the mean time I'll put up some pics with some progress on the garden later!