RIP Rudy/Detroit Becoming Human Solo Bossman

Turns out when you got a lot of time on your hands and equipment, you’ll probably like to record things a lot. I’ve been going through a lot as the towelettes are aware lately, and this week would be no different. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to the crochety old man dog Rudy. He was 15 years old and definitely in declining health, we just didn’t think this soon. As part of SSuggestions this week we have Detroit: Becoming Human, the free to PSN Plus member game for July! (still a couple days to get it, if not I think it’s cheaper now). Full review/Commentary Episode with SBryan and the Deuch after Bossman completes it!

Not gonna promote this one on the podcast page, just want the true towelette’s to enjoy this one.


Bryan Harrison